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Aguerri, J. Alfonso Bar pattern speed through the Hubble sequence
Allaert, Flor The relation between gas, dust and total mass in edge-on spiral galaxies
Amram, Philippe Can we detect the kinematic signature of galaxy mergers at high redshift? - PDF
Baba, Junichi The Structure and Kinematics of the ISM in Star-forming Galaxies at z ~ 2
Barai, Paramita Gas and Stellar Properties of Galaxies in Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations - PDF
Battisti, Andrew Continuous Mid-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators
Busch, Gerold Black hole - host galaxy coevolution in nearby low-luminosity type-1 QSOs - PDF
Byler, Eleanor Calibrating MaNGA Spectroscopy Using HST Stellar Populations - PDF
Calderon, Paula Black Hole Growth and Galaxy Evolution in z~0 Mergers. Initial Results
Caldu Primo, Anahi A diffuse molecular gas component in spiral galaxies: Single-Dish vs Interferometer
Camps-Fariña, Artemi Fabry-Perot spectroscopy: a powerful method for detecting superbubbles in galaxy discs
Camps-Fariña, Artemi Kinematic properties of superbubbles in the Antennae, M 83 and Arp 270
Catalán-Torrecilla, Cristina Star Formation in the Local Universe from the CALIFA sample: calibration and contribution of disks to the SFR density - PDF
Cen, Renyue Escape of ionizing photons during reionization: effects due to supernovae and runaway O/B stars - PDF
Choi, Jieun The Assembly Histories of Quiescent Galaxies since z=0.8 from Absorption Line Spectroscopy - PDF
Chudakova, Ekaterina 3D-structure of galactic disks - PDF
Curir, Anna Metallicity gradients in the Milky Way thick disk as dynamical relic of a primordial chemical distribution - PDF
Curtis, Mike Resolving the flows around black holes
D'Onofrio, Mauro The connection between structure and stellar population in Early type Galaxies - PDF
Davies, Rebecca Separating the signatures of star-formation and AGN activity in composite galaxies - PDF
De Geyter, Gert 3D radiative transfer modeling and multi-wavelength decomposing of edge-on spiral galaxies
De Looze, Ilse High-resolution, 3D radiative transfer modeling of M51 - PDF
Demarco, Ricardo Early-type galaxy formation: understanding the role of the environment
Diener, Catrina Galaxy evolution in high-z proto-groups - PDF
Eigenbrot, Arthur Decoding 3D Edge-On Galaxy Morphology with Optical Spectroscopy
Eigenthaler, Paul Deep Halpha imaging of Southern Hickson Compact Groups
Fritz, Alexander VIPERS: The formation and build-up of the red-sequence over the past 9 Gyr
Fuentes-Carrera, Isaura Interacting Galaxy Pairs in 3D
Godlowski, Wlodzimierz Orientation of galaxies and their clusters as a test of large structure formation
Godlowski, Wlodzimierz Luminosity function for galaxy clusters
Gregorini, Loretta Radio-optical properties of extragalactic populations in the VIPERS Survey
Groves, Brent Tracing gas through extinction and emission in nearby galaxies
Gunawardhana, Madusha SAMI: A spatially resolved perspective on the role of dust in star formation
Hao, Lei CHILI: China Lijiang IFU
Hensler, Gerhard The Milky Way's Satellite System in a cosmological Context
Hernandez, Hector UGC 10205: Tomography of a Merger
Hughes, Thomas Gas heating and cooling in the disc of nearby edge-on galaxy NGC 891 - PDF
Hughes, Thomas Metallicity gradients of galaxies in the Herschel Reference Survey - PDF
Johnston, Evelyn The Transformation of Spiral Galaxies into Lenticulars - PDF
Kapala, Maria The Survey of Lines in M 31 (SLIM): Origin of [CII] Emission
Kehrig, Carolina Metal-poor Wolf-Rayet HII galaxies revealed by integral field spectroscopy
Kreckel, Kathryn A far-IR and optical 3D view of the starburst driven superwind in NGC 2146 - PDF
Kuchner, Ulrike Is there a dependence in metallicity evolution on galaxy structures?
Läsker, Ronald The connection between Initial Mass Function and Black Hole scaling relations
Lee, Minju Jansky VLA S-band view of dusty starburst galaxies towards a protocluster surrounding 4C23.56 at z=2.48
Lee, Myung Gyoon Dual Halos in Massive Early-type Galaxies
Leslie, Sarah A radio-optical study of resolved star-formation in galaxies from the SAMI survey - PDF
Licquia, Timothy Studying the Milky Way via its Extragalactic Analogs - PDF
Lim, Jeremy Velocity Field of the Mysterious Optical Emission-Line Nebula in the BCG NGC 1275
Liu, Charles Three-Dimensional Spectroscopy and Star Formation Histories of Field E+A Galaxies
Macias-Perez, Juan NIKA2: a dual band KID based camera for mm wavelengths
Malek, Katarzyna Extinction properties of 8 \mum selected sources from the AKARI NEP Deep field - PDF
Marecki, Andrzej The impact of the orientation on the lobe asymmetry in 3C328 radio galaxy - PDF
Marino, Raffaella New empirical metallicity calibrations: Joint analysis of CALIFA data and literature Te-based measurements - PDF
May, Daniel The interaction of the outflow with the molecular disk in the Active Galactic Nucleus of NGC 6951 - PDF
McConnell, Nicholas The Most Massive Galaxies and Black Holes: A View with 3D Spectroscopy
Menacho, Veronica Linking star formation and galaxy kinematics in the massive cluster Abell 2163
Mendes de Oliveira, Claudia Novel approach to tackle the cusp/core problem with observations and simulations
Mieda, Etsuko A chemo-kinematic survey of z ~ 1 star forming galaxies using Keck OSIRIS LGS-AO
Mogotsi, Moses Dynamics and ISM properties of the MHONGOOSE-WiFeS Galaxies
Monreal Ibero, Ana The Wolf-Rayet star population and its surrounding gas in nearby starbursts
Monreal Ibero, Ana Toward three-dimensional (3D) maps of the galaxy based on diffuse interstellar bands
Morelli, Lorenzo Dating the formation of the counter-rotating stellar disc in the spiral galaxy NGC 5719 by disentangling its stellar populations
Moretti, Alessia Kinematics of Superdense galaxies in clusters - PDF
Morokuma-Matsui, Kana Gas accretion history of galaxies at z~ 0-2: comparison of observational data of molecular gas with a mass evolution model of galaxies
Murphy, David The cosmic skidmark: IFU spectroscopy of a transforming galaxy undergoing ram-pressure stripping
Natale, Giovanni High-resolution 3D dust radiative transfer with DART-Ray
Nowak, Natalia Cosmic ray driven dynamo in barred galaxies - 3D numerical simulations - PDF
Opitsch, Michael Detailed stellar and gaseous kinematics of M31 - PDF
Ploeckinger, Sylvia 3D chemo-dynamical simulations of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
Puschnig, Johannes Molecular Gas in LARS -- a Local Sample of Star Forming Galaxies as a High-z Proxy - PDF
Querejeta, Miguel Stellar Mass Maps for S4G - PDF
Querejeta, Miguel Molecular Gas in the Nucleus of M51: evidence for AGN feedback? - PDF
Remus, Rhea-Silvia The angular momentum dichotomy in galactic halos
Ricci, Tiago AGN Detections from a complete sample of massive galaxies from the local universe.
Riffel, Rogemar A. Near-IR Integral Field Spectroscopy of the central region of NGC5929
Roettgers, Bernhard Stellar Orbits in cosmological galaxy simulations: The connection to formation history and line-of-sight kinematics - PDF
Rousseau-Nepton, Laurie Spiral Galaxy Evolution as Seen with SpIOMM - PDF
Roychowdhury, Sambit The relation between atomic gas and star formation in faint irregular galaxies - PDF
Sakamoto, Kazushi An Infrared Luminous Merger with Two Bipolar Molecular Outflows: ALMA View of NGC 3256
Schaefer, Adam Resolving the role of galaxy mass and environment in star formation with SAMI
Schirmer, Mischa Quasar ionization echoes and 100,000 year baseline AGN light curves
Scott, Nicholas Spatially and temporally resolved stellar populations with SAMI
Seidel, Marja Extragalactic Archeology: dissecting galactic bulges in space and time
Shimakawa, Rhythm Environmental dependence of galaxy formation explored by NIR spectroscopy of two proto-clusters at z>2 - PDF
Straka, Lorrie 3D Mapping of Low-z Galaxies on Top of Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Suzuki, Tomoko A strong clustering of FIR-selected galaxies in the AKARI All-Sky Survey - PDF
Taylor, Matthew Discovering the Dark Side of Centaurus A's Globular Cluster System - PDF
Taylor, Rhys Giant Hydrogen Streams and Data Visualisation with the Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey
Thöne, Christina The SN-Ib factory NGC 2770 spatially resolved - PDF
Toribio, M. Carmen Radio Recombination Line studies on M81/M82 from LOFAR observations
Torres-Flores, Sergio An 3D analysis of the metal distribution in the merging compact group of galaxies HCG 31 - PDF
White, Heidi OSIRIS LGS-AO and PdBI observations of two intriguing z~1.4 star forming galaxies
Williams, Anna 3D Study Of Magnetic Fields In NGC 6946 Using Wide-band Polarization
Wolf, Marsha A 3D Search for the Interplay between AGN and Star Formation in Galaxies - PDF
Yim, Kijeong Star Formation and Gas Accretion in Nearby Galaxies - PDF
Yu, Pui Ling Strong ram-pressure stripping and widespread star formation in the high velocity system towards the center of the Perseus cluster
Zajacek, Michal Gaseous environment in LLAGN: modes of interaction with compact star nuclear population - PDF
Zaragoza Cardiel, Javier Star formation enhancement characteristics in interacting galaxies - PDF
Zenteno, Alfredo Galaxy population study of the 26 most massive galaxy clusters within the SPT footprint“
Zurita, Almudena Bar effects on ionized gas properties and dust content in galaxy centers
Zurita, Almudena A 3D view of Galactic Winds in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
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