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6 JULY 2014


Start of the onsite registration and poster placement
18:00 21:00


at the top floor of the Juridicum

7 JULY 2014

Chair: Bodo Ziegler
09:00 09:15
Bodo Ziegler
09:15 09:45
Virginia Trimble R How Interferometry has Informed our Knowledge of Galactic Structure: from Ryle's aperture synthesis to ALMA - PDF
09:45 10:15
Baerbel Koribalski R The Local Universe: Galaxies in 3D - PDF
10:15 10:35
Ray Sharples I KMOS @ the VLT: Commissioning and Early Science - PDF
10:35 10:50
Barry Madore C TYPHOON

10:50 11:20


Chair: Reynier Peletier
11:20 11:50
Martin Roth R Characteristics and Scientific Impact of 2nd Generation 3D Spectrographs in the Visual (MUSE, VIRUS, etc.) - PDF
11:50 12:05
Richard McDermid C Mapping Star Formation Histories of Early-Type Galaxies with the Atlas3D Survey - PDF
12:05 12:25
Lisa Young I The Recent Evolution of Early-type Galaxies as seen in their Cold Gas - PDF
12:25 12:40
Olga Silchenko C Inner Polar Ionized-gas Disks and Properties of their Host Galaxies - PDF

12:40 14:10


Chair: Joao Alves
14:10 14:40
Charles Lada R Schmidt's Conjecture and Star Formation in Giant Molecular Clouds - PDF
14:40 14:55
Alexia Lewis C The Spatially-Resolved Star Formation History of the M31 Disk from Resolved Stellar Populations - PDF
14:55 15:15
Eva Schinnerer I Molecular Gas and Star Formation Across Galactic Environments  - PDF
15:15 15:30
Kevin Xu C ALMA Explorations of Dense Warm Molecular Gas and Cold Dust in Nearby LIRGs - PDF
15:30 15:45
Angel Lopez Sanchez C Ionized and Neutral Gas in the XUV Discs of nearby Spiral Galaxies - PDF
15:45 16:00
George Heald C The WSRT HALOGAS Survey - PDF

16:00 16:30


Chair: Huub Roettgering
16:30 16:45
Santiago Arribas C An IFS survey of Local Luminous Star Forming Galaxies: Ionized Gas Outflows and Global ISM kinematics - PDF
16:45 17:00
Marc Sarzi C Gas Flows in Early-Type Galaxies - PDF
17:00 17:15
Matteo Barnabe C Dissecting the 3D structure of Ellipticals with Gravitational Lensing and Stellar Kinematics - PDF
17:15 17:30
Maximilian Fabricius C Revisiting the Stellar Counter Rotation in NGC3521, NGC7217 and NGC7331 with VIRUS-W - PDF

17:30 18:10

HIGHLIGHT TALKS – Chair: Claudia Mendes de Oliveira


8 JULY 2014

Chair: Christy Tremonti
09:00 09:30
Sebastian Sanchez R IFU Surveys, a panoramic view on galaxy evolution - PDF
09:50 10:10
Roberto Cid Fernandes I Resolving Galaxies in Time and Space: Methods, Uncertainties and Results - PDF
09:30 09:50
Rosa Gonzalez Delgado I The Star Formation History of Galaxies in 3D: CALIFA perspective - PDF
10:10 10:25
Polychronis Papaderos C Extended Nebular Emission in CALIFA Early-Type Galaxies - PDF
10:25 10:45
Chung-Pei Ma I The MASSIVE Survey: an IFU Study of the Most Massive Galaxies within 100 Mpc

10:45 11:15


Chair: Phillipe Amram
11:15 11:45
Stephane Courteau R The Structure and Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies - PDF
11:45 12:00
James Allen C The first 1000 Galaxies of the SAMI Galaxy Survey  - PDF
12:00 12:15
Lisa Fogarty C The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Probing the Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies through Stellar Kinematics
12:15 12:30
Michaela Hirschmann C The Stellar Accretion Origin of Abundance Gradients in Massive Galaxies at Large Radii - PDF

12:30 14:00


Chair: Francoise Combes
14:00 14:30
Daniela Calzetti R The Scaling of Star Formation: from Molecular Clouds to Galaxies - PDF
14:30 14:45
Loretta Dunne C Evolution of Gas and Dust over the Past 5 Billion Years
14:45 15:00
Denis Burgarella C Dust Attenuation and Star Formation Rate Density at 0 < z < 4 and 3D Spectroscopy onboard the WISH Wide-Field 1-5um Telescope  - PDF
15:00 15:15
David Fisher C Extremely High Gas Fractions in Clumpy, Turbulent Disks at z=0.1  - PDF
15:15 15:30
Mooses Mogotsi C Connecting Galaxy Dynamics with Star Formation using WIYN SparsePAK and WiFeS - PDF
15:30 15:45
Lodovico Coccato C Disentangling Kinematics and Stellar Populations in Counter-Rotating Galaxies - PDF

15:45 16:15


16:15 17:10

HIGHLIGHT TALKS – Chair: Eva Schinnerer




9 JULY 2014

Chair: Miguel Verdugo
09:30 10:00
Jeff Kenney R The influence of ram pressure on galaxy evolution and the multiphase ISM  - PDF
10:00 10:15
Rose Finn C The Local Cluster Survey: Probing Gas Stripping in Nearby Galaxy Groups and Clusters - PDF
10:15 10:30
Bruno Rodriguez Del Pino C OMEGA: OSIRIS Mapping of Emission-line Galaxies in A901:902 - PDF
10:30 10:50
Claudia Mendes de Oliveira I 3D studies of galaxies in groups and other interacting systems - PDF
10:50 11:05
Katherine Alatalo C Interplay between CO and [C II] and the suppression of Star-Formation in Compact Group galaxies: a Herschel and CARMA view

11:05 11:35


Chair: Lisa Kewley
11:35 12:05
Francoise Combes R Models of AGN feedback - PDF
12:05 12:25
Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann I A 3D view of Inflows and Outflows around nearby AGN
12:25 12:40
Toshiki Saito C Investigating AGN/SB Activities through ALMA Multi-Line Observations in the mid-stage IR-bright Merger VV114 - PDF
12:40 12:55
Leonard Burtscher C Possible Evidence for the Disappearance of the AGN Torus at Low Luminosities - PDF
12:55 13:15
Michael Dopita I The Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey (S7): Probing Physics of Seyfert Galaxies using their Extended Narrow-Line Regions - PDF
13:15 13:30
Tiantian Yuan C The Beauty and the Beast at the Core of a X-ray Luminous Cluster - PDF





of the historical building of the dept. for astrophysics U. of Vienna

Türkenschanzstraße 17, 1180 Wien

10 JULY 2014

Chair: Polychronis Papaderos
09:00 09:30
Phil Hopkins R Galaxies on FIRE: Stellar Feedback Explains Inefficient Star Formation
09:30 10:45
Desika Narayanan C The Star Forming Molecular Gas in Galaxies Near and Far
09:45 10:05
Frederic Bournaud I The Link between Cosmological Gas Reservoirs, High-Redshift Disk Instabilities and Star Formation and Black Hole Growth
10:05 10:20
Noelia Jimenez C Chemical Enrichment by SNIa in Hydrodynamical Simulations: Different Progenitor Scenarios - PDF
10:20 10:35
I-Ting Ho C Dissecting Galactic Winds in Star-forming Galaxies - PDF

10:35 11:05


Chair: Daniela Calzetti
11:05 11:35
Reinhard Genzel R Star Formation at the Peak of the Galaxy Formation Epoch
11:35 11:55
Natascha Foerster Schreiber I Galaxy growth at early times from 3D studies
11:55 12:10
David Sobral C The Dynamics and Evolution of H-alpha Star-Forming Galaxies since z=2.23 with KMOS and SINFONI - PDF
12:10 12:25
Thierry Contini C The Growing Processes of Galaxies at High Redshift: Lessons from MASSIV and Prospects with MUSE
12:25 12:40
Giovanni Cresci C Blowin' in the wind: both `negative' and `positive' feedback in an outflowing quasar at z~1.6
12:40 12:55
Stijn Wuyts C Resolved Stellar Populations and the Mass Distribution within Galaxies since z~2.5

12:55 14:25


Chair: Tadayuki Kodama
14:25 14:55
Lisa Kewley R Galaxy evolution in 3D: near and far
14:55 15:10
John Stott C The KMOS Kinematic Survey: The resolved Dynamics, Star-Formation and Chemical Properties of z=1-1.5 galaxies - PDF
15:10 15:25
Eva Wuyts C KMOS-3D: The Evolution of Resolved Kinematics and Star-Formation from Redshift 0.7 to 2.5 - PDF
15:25 15:40
Tucker Jones C Multiwavelength Resolved Spectroscopy of Star Forming Galaxies at z=2-3 - PDF
15:40 15:55
Matthew Bayliss C Probing Individual Star Forming Regions Within Strongly Lensed Galaxies at z > 1 - PDF

15:55 16:25


Chair: Desika Narayanan
16:25 16:45
Mark Swinbank I ALMA surveys of high-redshift sub-mm galaxies
16:45 17:00
Tadayuki Kodama C Mapping and Resolving Galaxy Formation at its Peak Epoch with Mahalo-Subaru and Gracias-ALMA - PDF
17:00 17:20
Helmut Dannerbauer I An Excess of Dusty Starbursts at z=2.2 - PDF
17:20 18:10

HIGHLIGHT TALKS – Chair: Thorsten Naab


20:00 21:15
Reinhard Genzel
PUBLIC TALK: Massive schwarze Löcher und Galaxien (in German)

Universitätssternwarte Wien, Türkenschanzstraße 17, 1180 Wien

11 JULY 2014

Chair: Helmut Dannerbauer
09:00 09:20
Linda Tacconi I PHIBSS: Molecular Gas, Star-Formation and Scaling Relations at High Redshift
09:20 09:35
Roberto Decarli C A Molecular Scan in the Hubble Deep Field North - PDF
09:35 09:50
Rebecca Williams C The Nature and Assembly of Primeval Galaxies Revealed by ALMA - PDF
09:50 10:10
Joaquin Vieira I High-redshift Starburst Galaxies Revealed by SPT, ALMA and Gravitational Lensing - PDF
10:10 10:25
Wendy Williams: C Deep imaging with LOFAR and the the accretion history of AGN - PDF
10:25 10:40
Leah Morabito C LOFAR radio recombination lines studies of star bursting galaxies. The first detection of the RRLs in M82 - PDF

10:40 11:10


Chair: Phil Hopkins
11:10 11:40
Thorsten Naab R The Cosmological Formation of Massive Galaxies
11:40 11:55
Rhea Remus C Formation of disc galaxies in the Magneticum Pathfinder simulations - PDF
11:55 12:10
Jorge Moreno C Virtual IFUs with Hydrodynamical Merger Simulations - PDF
12:10 12:25
Tobias Goerdt C Cold streams: detectability and characteristics - PDF



Chair: Stephane Courteau
14:00 14:30
Francois Hammer R Galaxy Mass Assembly with E-ELT/MOSAIC and lessons from the VLT & HST IMAGES Survey - PDF
14:30 15:00
Joss Bland-Hawthorn R The Hector Survey: An IFS survey of 100000 galaxies - PDF
15:00 15:20
Christy Tremonti I Measuring Gas Accretion and Outflow Signatures with MaNGA - PDF

15:20 15:50


Chair: Bodo Ziegler

POSTER WINNERS (3 talks of 10 min)
15:50 16:00
Christina Thöne
The Beauty of Resolution - The SN-Ib Factory NGC 2770 Spatially Resolved - PDF
16:00 16:10
David Murphy
The cosmic skidmark: Witnessing Galaxy Transformation at z=0.19 - PDF
16:10 16:20
Andrew Battisti
Continuous Mid-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators - PDF

16:20 17:20
Glenn van den Ven

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